1910 is now available exclusively online


Now you can order the 1910 product online and have it delivered right to your door – it’s that easy!

The 1910 clean food brand is back after 3 years – an organic clean food product that is keenly sought after and now only available in limited quantities, because great food is indeed seasonal. This is a true locally produced artisan product too, that’s right, it’s hand made, and if the quality is not there we don’t jar it – it’s as easy as that!

Here’s a screen shot from the web site and shots of the product, all produce is locally sourced where possible and prepared and jarred in the magnificent Southern Highlands of NSW at the Fitzroy Inn Historic Retreat Mittagong  https://fitzroyinn.com.au/ because it’s the way food used to be made –

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 11.10.00 pm.png

There four 1910 products available.

Pickled Onions.jpg

Dilled Pickles.jpg

Organic Beetroot.jpg

Organic Rhubarb.jpg

If you’d like to taste the 1910 product for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can, but only at the Fitzroy Inn Historic Retreat Mittagong  https://fitzroyinn.com.au/ Here you will also discover other fermented 1910 probiotic delights, such as double fermented fruit Kombuchas, Kefir cheese and a selection of other amazing fermented foods and drinks, such as asian sauces and pickles that will please and delight any new age gastronome.

Hopefully we’ll see you in the Highlands very soon!! Cheers Steve Hogwood CEO and founder of 1910.