NEW – Fermentation Courses through 1910 and Cultured Artisans at the Hillview Heritage Hotel in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

00030Steve in his rambling garden in the Southern Highlands.

The 1910 Bottling Company is situated in Wildes Meadow in the beautiful Southern Highlands was founded over 8 years ago by passionate gardener and strategic writer Steve Hogwood. After years of successfully teaching people in Sydney about the benefits of fermented organic foods, he is now bringing his courses and that of Cultured Artisans Gillian Kozicki to the Southern Highlands, Canberra and the South Coast of NSW.

These first courses and our combined concept of community and getting back to basics with our lives all starts at an incredible venue in the Southern Highlands of NSW – Hillview Heritage Hotel. This is the beginning of a journey we hope you will become part of…

Hillview Heritage Hotel

Set in the heart of the beautiful Southern Highlands, the commanding summit that gives Hillview it’s name offers magnificent views of valleys, rivers, and picturesque sunsets. Several rooms in the estate offer incredible opportunities  for family dinners, from the beautiful sitting room to the lavish wooden dining room complete with massive stone fireplace. However, the beauty of Hillview is not only reflected in its luscious surroundings, but in the decades of history held within its very walls.

The exact date of the initial building of Hillview is undetermined, however it can be speculated that the original construction took place in the mid-1860s. Although small and quaint, the Victorian detailing and prime location made Hillview an ideal prospect for what was to come. Purchased in 1882 by the government from R.P. Richardson, to be used as a Vice-Regal holiday residence, Hillview offered a country escape for Governors fleeing the demanding city life in Sydney.  Hillview has housed many royal guests, including the Prince of Wales, Prince Edward, and Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Why not experience the elegance, beauty and simplicity of yesterday and immerse yourself in this living history of the preservation of clean food in the Highlands.

For all course bookings and accommodation enquiries at please contact Eloise Hayden on 0488 422 888 0r at

Accommodation at Hillview Heritage Cottages

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 8.17.07 PM.png

Admiral Rawson – $245 -per night – Cottage shown above.

 Earl of Jersey – $245 per night

Viscount Hamden – $245 -per night

Baron Lakehurst – $245 -per night

General Northcott – $245 -per night

Vice Marshall Walcott – $245 -per night

Earl Beauchamp – $245 -per night

All rooms min Friday and Saturday night stay – incl. King size bed per room. All rooms also have the option of  x 2 comfortable fold out beds – dressed for an extra cost of $60 each

The Lord Carrington Cottage – $390 a night – This very comfortable cottage comes with two adjoining single rooms that can accommodate 4 people. Plus you can have the option of x 2 extra comfortable fold out beds – dressed at an further cost of $60 each


Cultured Artisans-181 copy

Gillian Kozicki is the passion behind Cultured Artisans. When conventional medicine failed to keep Gillian well, she investigated alternatives, starting with whole foods and a healthy organic diet. Gillian has combined her love of home prepared good food and supporting good health. Gillian has spent many hours finding a rhythm that is working for her, her family and the friends she ferments with!

This has given rise to her teaching her passion to empower others to ‘ferment to better health’.


For all course bookings and accommodation enquiries at please contact Eloise Hayden on 0488 422 888 0r at

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